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Hiring an investigator can be a daunting task.

The “Internet” offers many hits when you search for a “private investigator” but if you are looking for a local investigator who lives in the local area who is actually going to work on your case, you have come to the right place.

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Legal Investigative Services, Inc. (LIS, Inc.)

is a West Virginia investigative firm located in Charleston, West Virginia.

We are not a business located in another state with a contract investigator.

When you hire LIS, Inc. you are hiring a licensed and insured West Virginia private investigator who will directly manage your case.


Many of our long-term clients have trusted LIS, Inc. with their investigative needs for a decade or longer.

LIS, Inc. is a women-owned, small business dedicated to serving its clients in a professional manner holding the confidence and discretion of its clients.

LIS, Inc. has a diverse case load.  Please review our services section to view the variety of cases we handle.

Litigation Support is a valuable service we offer our clients as it relates to preparing for trial, mediation for litigation, developing relevant information in determining if a case moves forward.

LIS, Inc. understands there are many options when choosing an investigator, however being born and raised in West Virginia, the environment and terrain is known along with the people of West Virginia providing an advantage over just a WV licensed investigator.

LIS, Inc. is aware the industry is always changing and being abreast of new technologies and resources is paramount to remain current and relevant in the profession. Through professional roles in the industry LIS, Inc. not only has resources but also participates in trainings and education.

LIS, Inc. strives to provide cost-effective services that offer value to the client while performing duties in a timely manner, with integrity to meet the needs of the client.

LIS, Inc. promises to be honest and accountable, while showing respect to all persons and going the extra mile to show our value to your case.

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