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Legal Investigative Services, Inc. (LIS, Inc.) is a licensed, and insured private investigative business registered and located in Charleston, West Virginia.

LIS, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Lisa Turley in Charleston, West Virginia. LIS, Inc. operates in the State of West Virginia for the purpose of serving attorneys, state and government agencies, insurance companies, individuals, and fellow colleagues for their investigative-related needs.

Our Philosophy

Provide top-notch professional services to our clients in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Commitment to Results

Results cannot and are not guaranteed. We can guarantee discretion, integrity and gathering important details to best serve your case in a cost-effective way.

Our Experience

LIS, Inc. is a tenured private investigative WV based firm operating in West Virginia. The extensive case experience and nationwide resources makes LIS, Inc. uniquely qualified to be your premier investigative firm to meet the complex challenges of your case.

Our Expertise

LIS, Inc. is unique and provides the client value by breaking down the client’s request, reviewing the available information, assessing possible avenues while looking deeper within the known information and many times finding key relevant information to break the case or close a door that wasn’t otherwise mitigated.  Whether the case is fresh or been around awhile, LIS, Inc. is able to provide an objective look and assist in case management.


Lisa was born and educated in West Virginia holding a MBA. Lisa is a tenured investigator with more than thirty years’ experience.

As lifetime resident, Lisa understands the culture of rural and urban areas within the state. Working in the trenches and traveling the roads has improved her skill set in being resourceful, locating information and how to successfully maintain repeat clientele.


Without clients LIS, Inc. would cease to exist, Lisa appreciates the opportunity to be considered for your project and hopes to earn and maintain your business.

When Lisa isn’t working cases she spends her time volunteering for many great professional organizations supporting the profession.

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Tackle your case from a fresh perspective.


Provide reasonable options to a diverse range of case types.

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